Words Will Come

From grunts and gestures to syllables and syntax. Can writer's block exist when words are all we have?

June 04, 2023   •   2 min read  

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The words we use today have undergone so much transformation that it is almost too easy to overlook them.

We use them loosely and thoughtfully. We even find extreme power in withholding them.

Written words specifically have the unique ability to live beyond the moment they get uttered from our lips.

But writing isn't only reserved for authors and journalists.

Sure, we write text messages as our primary mode of communication. But they're designed to be read once - not for capturing a thought to share or reflect on later.

Even the simple act of writing in a journal can help develop our thoughts more effectively than if they remain swirling around in our heads.

So why don't more of us write?

Anyone Can Be A Writer

Writing is a skill that can be cultivated by anyone.

Regardless if you're writing a scientific paper, a script for a video, a diary entry or the next great novel, you will undoubtedly suck in the beginning.

Rather than letting that fact hold you back, use it as a source of encouragement knowing that everyone else also started skillless.

Writer's Block Is A Myth

Once the resistance to getting started has been overcome, it's crucial to keep the ball rolling despite the new obstacles that will surface.

Most of which will come from doubt about the creativity or quality of your words.

We've all heard of 'writer's block'.

Is there any real validity to the term? Or could it simply be a self-imposed pressure to be perfect?

Start Writing Today

If you're curious about writing in any capacity don't overthink it.

The world will only ever see your work if you choose to share it. Until then you have plenty of time to be a sucky writer in private.

There are only 5 steps to get going today:

  1. Find a conducive environment
  2. Set a specific time to write (build this into a routine)
  3. Grab a pen or open a blank document
  4. Write as your thoughts unfold (without judgement)
  5. Rewrite and edit with fresh eyes

Repeat this strategy frequently, knowing that it will take hundreds of hours to get to a place of creative comfort.

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