Why Comparing Yourself to Others Only Holds You Back

Don't lose time or energy thinking about others' money, success or motivations.

July 03, 2023   •   1 min read  

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through social media, checking out your friend's new car or fancy vacation photos, and feeling a twinge of envy?

Do you have a colleague who always seems to be making more money than you, leaving you feeling inadequate?

Or maybe some business owner or executive, far beyond your circle, rakes in so much profit that their sheer existence makes your blood boil.  

Life is far too short to be spending your precious time thinking about someone else's success.

Everyone has a subjective view of what success means for them and their efforts, and shouldn't be measured by how much money someone has or what they have accomplished.

When you're busy paying attention to what others are doing, you lose sight of your path and muddies the waters. Not to mention it slows down the momentum of building your version of success.

I never got rich countin' someone else's pockets
   - Big Sean  

It's important to define what success means to you and work diligently towards that, rather than striving for someone else's definition of success.

Wealth accumulation is the default answer for most but success to many can be about personal growth and the ripple of impact left behind (watch the video below to reframe how you think of ROI).

Take a moment to reconnect with your passions and why you started on your own mission in the first place.

I guarantee any spare moments you spend critiquing and judging how others operate their lives or businesses is time lost with no upside.

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