Trappings Of Success

What is the real cost of chasing a game of status and influence?

June 17, 2023   •   1 min read  

The trappings of success are a relatively unexplored and unspoken problem.

Those on their way to the top don't consider what troubles await their arrival.

And those that have reached the summit are busy battling to stay on top.

The most humble of them are quick to share the many downsides that arise when chasing the status game.

There are an incredible amount of restrictions attached to a high-status lifestyle.

Limitations in where you can visit, pandering to prevent a downfall, virtue signalling to exhibit worth, not to mention the need to accumulate more wealth and success.

The true cost of this ascension is the lack of freedom and liberty. Everything said or done has to be considered for how it will be perceived.

How many of us would choose that path of sacrifice if we really knew the true toll it would take to be the best of the best?

Slavery resides beneath marble and gold
  - Seneca

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