Threads: Rediscovering the Art of Public Conversations on Social Media

Rediscover the joy of connecting through raw text. Say hello to Threads, the new text-based conversation app from Meta.

July 06, 2023   •   2 min read  

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The art of exchanging ideas, debating, and connecting with others through the power of words is something deeply integrated with humanity.

But in today's world, where our social media feeds are clogged with snappy videos and scroll-stopping images, the simplicity of just conversing through text seems to have taken a backseat.

Twitter has been the primary place where ideas are expressed in text form. That is, until now.

Threads, the new text-based conversation app from Meta, was released today. Giving users a chance to rekindle the beauty and significance of pure dialogue.

A World of Words

With visual content dominating our social media feeds, Threads stands out as a sanctuary for the written word.

It's a refreshing invitation to slow down, reflect, and engage in conversations that go beyond superficial appearances and highlight reels.

Through Threads, users can create new connections and build relationships based on shared interests, ideas, and opinions.

It will not be void of imagery or external links, but it will create a new way for users to immerse and involve themselves in a public conversation which is not currently possible on Meta's other apps, Instagram or Facebook.

Integrating with Instagram

Threads is seamlessly integrated with the Instagram platform, with an almost instant setup for existing users.

With just a click, you can transition from a world of visuals and videos to text-based conversations.

Your usernames, followers, and verification status remain intact. Making it easy to continue conversations with the existing community that you're already involved with.

Threads vs. Twitter

Threads enters the social media landscape with hopes of dethroning Twitter as the go-to conversational and microblogging platform.

Giving creators and consumers an alternative to the ever-evolving Twitter of late.

If you're seeking a deeper connection with your current followers and friends I'd recommend giving Threads a chance on your home screen.

New Communities

Threads not only breathes new life into the way we communicate online, but it also creates an opportunity for new and vibrant communities to emerge.

On this new playing field, users have the chance to connect with people they might never have encountered on other platforms - allowing conversations to blossom among individuals with diverse perspectives who have yet to cross paths online.

If this is your first time reading my blog, I'd love to hear from you and have a chat over on Threads. You can find me and my connect right here.

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