The Bright Side Of Bad Timing

The death of an iPhone turned into a string of silver linings.

June 30, 2023   •   2 min read  

It's always a good feeling when your trusty iPhone suddenly dies.

Staring at a fluttering green screen stuck in a cycle of rebooting is never a fun way to start the day.

That's exactly how my morning started.

Sudden changes to my plans can put me on tilt for a short while but I usually bring myself back to reality quite fast when I look at this small inconvenience in a broader context.

The way the today unfolded was actually quite funny in reality and I can't help but notice the silver lining in what seemed like bad timing.

In fact, the sequence of events that followed turned out to be incredibly fortunate.

Once I accepted my iPhone was kaput, and that I needed a replacement as soon as possible I realised that today is the last day of the financial calendar.

So, purchasing a new phone today meant it could be included in my tax report and provide also provide a potential tax deduction. If my phone broke tomorrow (July 1st) that would have been even more unfortunate (upside #1).

The next saving grace was when I found out that the phone I wanted to upgrade to was actually on sale, thanks to the EOFY sales. So the $100 saved could go towards better protection of my next device (upside #2).

It felt like luck was on my side, albeit after breaking my phone.

But here's where things get truly remarkable.

Just three days ago, I decided to make a backup of my phone's data. Just for the hell of it.

Why is that significant?

Because it took 991 days of negligence and "she'll-be-right's" for me to finally take the time to protect my valuable files and memories.

Little did I know that this seemingly random act would prove to be a stroke of luck, making the setup of my new iPhone ten times less stressful (upside #3).

Imagine the panic and frustration if I had lost all of the precious and important documents from the last three years.

What initially appeared to be bad timing was actually a series of fortunate coincidences and proves the value of being prepared even when you least expect it.

It's a reminder that life has a way of balancing out the moments of inconvenience with unexpected strokes of luck.

So, the next time you're faced with a seemingly unfortunate situation, try to look for the bright side.

You might just find a silver lining in the most unexpected places.

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