Taking Action Is Your Only Choice

The comfort from inaction and deliberating is not worth the price of a thousand missed opportunities.

June 21, 2023   •   1 min read  

Actions speak louder than words.

They possess the power to shape our lives and to ripple out into the world.

Getting caught up in our thoughts, ideations and wishful thinking is easy.

But without taking action, we remain stagnant.

There is no upside to standing still and watching opportunities fade into the distance like passer-bys.

Progress requires movement, even if it means taking a wrong step.

Failure is inevitable, but it doesn't (and shouldn't) define us.

Hell, even 10 or 20 failures in a row cannot completely derail us.

But each step will bring us closer to our goals, even if we're crawling inch by inch.

We just need direction. A little nudge every now and then doesn't hurt.

It's a simple formula: Do nothing and you'll become nothing and have nothing.

The only other option then is to embrace the power of action.

Of course, failure will rear its head and you'll look foolish but that is the growth opportunity.

Start taking steps, any step, no matter how small, and watch your world transform in front of your eyes.

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
William James

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