Slow Thrills

The busier and more successful we become, the more we need to seek out slow thrills and enjoy the simplicity that life offers.

June 07, 2023   •   2 min read  

In 1783, the Montgolfier brothers, Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne, launched the first untethered hot air balloon.

What started as a scientific experiment quickly captured the imagination of Europe and became a symbol of adventure and exploration.

Today, hot air ballooning is a popular weekend activity to tick off the bucket list for thrill-seekers - albeit slow and relaxing.

With their graceful movements, hot air ballooning allows us to embrace a different perspective of our landscapes in the most tranquil way possible.

Studies have shown that engaging in slow-paced activities, like hot air ballooning, can positively affect mental health.

The opportunity to disconnect from our fast-paced digital lives and glide through peaceful clouds can reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Not to mention help build a new fascination for our natural environment from a birds-eye view.

The problem? It’s just so damn expensive.

So how can we incorporate more affordable, slow-paced thrills into our lives?

  • Pour a glass of wine and stargaze at night
  • Pack a lunch and take a stroll in nature
  • Cook a new meal with/for loved ones
  • Start reading a captivating book
  • Explore a museum or art exhibit
  • Take a bath or swim

As corny or obvious as the examples may seem, they work!

There is a reason humans embraced these activities long before our beloved iPhones and devices were invented.

There is nothing wrong with living a fast-paced hustle and bustle life, as long as there is balance intentionally added in.

Come up for air and try one of these slow thrills this weekend.

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