Sage Slingers

Personal growth and success can be fast-tracked with the right handful of mentors.

June 02, 2023   •   1 min read  

Where do the wise reside?

Between pages yet to be turned and behind doors yet to be opened.

Our role is simple: locate them, listen and absorb.

They offer a model for potential. Their examples act as a spiritual compass, guiding through life’s highs and lows.

Equally important: observe what they deem as unnecessary, bothersome or self-serving.

The best use their short time on earth wisely. They arm themselves with conviction on one hip and intention on the other. Prepared and ready to draw with lightning speed and extreme precision.

Compare these attributes to the laymen you encounter today. You will notice a clear separation between those who focus on being great, and those who settle for average.

These models of success are mostly unreachable, serving as life-long mentors from afar for thousands, if not millions. The impact of which is immeasurable.

The good ones have dedicated 10,000 hours to mastering a skill.

The great ones will dedicate 10,000 days to self-mastery.

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