Redefining Life's Pursuits: Accumulating Virtues Over Possessions

Can we live more meaningful lives if we shift our pursuit from material possessions to accumulating virtues and positive traits?

July 28, 2023   •   1 min read  

The problem with the idea that 'life is long', is that it creates a sense of endless time abundance.

Often leading to squandering and chasing unimportant goals or dreams.

With a little luck and some hard lessons, most of us realise that chasing notoriety, wealth or material possessions is a fool's game.

The simple reality of this pursuit is that we always want more.

But, why?

Because it feels like time is on our side.

So what happens when we shift our need to accumulate things in the physical realm and start to try and accumulate traits and virtues - things that exist internally?

If we truly have decades to amass objects, why don't more of us try to amass more empathy, courage, and compassion over a lifetime?

It is evident, to me at least, that we would become lighter emotionally, happier, more content, less anxious, less competitive, more thoughtful and honest if we chose to travel down that path instead.

If life is as long as we believe it is, then it doesn't make logical sense to chase things that have a short shelf-life and will inevitably make us feel empty and left wanting more.

Compare that reality to another, which is easily accessible for all of us, which is focused on stacking behaviours and virtues that can serve us and those around us on a daily, or even hourly, basis.

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