June 2023 Reading List

The first monthly reading list for the website features a few classics and a modern bestseller.

June 01, 2023   •   4 min read  

Table of contents

Each month I select the next 4 books on my reading list from a mix of genres generally comprised of:

  • 1 x Business, Brand or Marketing
  • 1 x Personal Growth, Philosophy or Leadership
  • 1 x Art, Science or History
  • 1 x Fiction (General & Science)

The following are my choices for June 2023.

Twelve and a Half
by Gary Vaynerchuk

For 6 years, I've followed Gary Vee across a dozen or more social media platforms. Absorbing enough inspiration about entrepreneurship and personal branding for a lifetime.

When I think of Gary, two words immediately come to mind:


His A-side as a business and marketing expert is often overshadowed by his B-side as a voice for self-acceptance, gratitude and empathy.

His latest book, "Twelve and a Half" details the emotional intelligence skills needed for business success and likely provides deeper context to his cardinal philosophy: kindness is the ultimate ROI.

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Kitchen Confidential
by Anthony Bourdain

Last week I was captivated by the film "Roadrunner", which explores the life of Anthony Bourdain. In the days since, I have felt a duty to delve into his origins as a chef, author and documentarian.

Despite recognising his obvious brilliance as a narrator and storyteller, I must admit I've never made an effort to watch his TV series.

His memoir "Kitchen Confidential" was so popular that it catapulted him into a new career as a TV personality. Turning him into a household name, recognisable by his distinct tone of voice and unfiltered honesty.

As a qualified nutritionist who values candidness, the addition of this book to my reading list is long overdue.

[When I die], I will decidedly not be regretting missed opportunities for a good time. My regrets will be more along the lines of a sad list of people hurt, people let down, assets wasted and advantages squandered.
- Anthony Bourdain

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On the Road
by Jack Kerouac

I am not very familiar with "On The Road" or its' author Jack Kerouac. Nonetheless, it has made my reading list due to the sheer number of times I have heard it mentioned.

It is one of the great works of Americana, inspiring countless writers, musicians and filmmakers in the 65+ years since its' release.

The novel is an account of a cross-country road trip; chasing sex, drugs, self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Lessons that are often only available through travel and the freedom it affords.

Modern American classics are something I haven't spent a lot of time reading in the past. So I'm looking forward to getting lost in this story about postwar counterculture.

Did I mention the extreme flow state of creativity that Kerouac must have had when writing "On The Road"?

The manuscript was typed on a continuous 120-foot-long scroll of paper that now travels on its own far beyond what Kerouac probably ever envisioned.

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On Photography
by Susan Sontag

I recently learned about Susan Sontag's work from the Philosophize This! podcast and was immediately interested in hearing more about her perspective on photography and film.

As visually influenced beings, our attention is easily captured, often with little resistance.

Now, in 2023, 50 years since Sontag wrote her first essay, her thoughts on photography are more relevant than ever.

A few questions I asked myself after hearing about Susan were;

  • "What kind of reality do we intend to portray with each click of the shutter?"
  • "Does our obsession with image-based personas dilute our ability to live in the moment?"

Here's a quote to get you thinking:

All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person's (or thing's) mortality, vulnerability, mutability.
 - Susan Sontag

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