How Choosing the Right Colour Can Seperate Your Brand

Colours help shape the perceptions and emotions associated with a brand's identity.

July 29, 2023   •   1 min read  

Having a distinct Pantone or colour for your brand is crucial because it has the ability to become an integral part of your brand identity.

Making you, or your business, instantly recognizable by customers and followers.

Two well-known examples of brands that have successfully leveraged the power of colours are; Coca-Cola’s with their iconic red (#FF0000) and McDonald’s golden arches yellow (#FFC72C).

These colours have become synonymous with their respective brands, creating an unforgettable association.

By using a specific Pantone, creators and businesses can establish a consistent and cohesive visual language, allowing for increased brand recall.

Taking colour seriously can set a brand apart in a crowded market, creating a lasting impression on new and existing consumers.

Pick a colour that matches your brand's personality, values, and target audience.

Consider colour psychology and the emotions each hue evokes.

Red: energy, passion, excitement, and urgency

Blue: trust, security, calmness, and reliability

Green: nature, growth, harmony, and balance.

Yellow: happiness, optimism, and warmth

Orange: creativity, enthusiasm, and vitality

Purple: luxury, creativity, and mystery

Pink: femininity, compassion, and sensitivity.

Black: elegance, power, and formality

White: purity, innocence, and simplicity

Brown: stability, reliability, comfort and warmth

The colour should align with your brand and be designed to create a specific emotion.

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