Hope Won't Cut It: Action Plans & Strategies For Change

Embrace change by recognizing what needs improvement, reflection, and action.

July 16, 2023   •   1 min read  

Each of us longs to change some part of our lives.

The change can be as simple as wanting to wash your hair more regularly, to more complex things like wanting to manage how we react to moments better.

Most of the time the change tends to be something we know we should be doing, but we're held back by some form of resistance preventing a better version of ourselves to develop,

But, what about the changes we are completely oblivious to and have spent no time considering?

The habits and routines that are already deeply entrenched in our lives were at one time rationalised, but how often do we run them through a new litmus test?

Are they still serving us or holding us back?

Recognising that something can or should change is just the first step.

To course correct and make any sort of change requires a strategy or action plan.

Hope is not a strategy

Keep in mind that not every strategy or action plan will be effective.

Failure does not necessarily mean you had a flawed approach.

It's just an opportunity to practice humility, learn, and persevere on our path to change.

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