Corny and Cliche For A Reason

Don't let cynicism blind you from the truth and impact of cliche statements.

July 17, 2023   •   2 min read  

There are countless phrases and quotes that many of us consider to be cliche or corny.

But the truth is, they are rooted in facts, truth, and honesty.

The reason we push back on admitting they are fact-based is because we have become cynical or dismissive.

We refuse to believe that there could be any merit to such simplistic statements.

One of the most widely recognized phrases is "honesty is the best policy."

While it might seem like a cliche, it is true that honesty provides plenty of benefits.

When we are honest with others, we build trust, and we show that we can be relied on.

It also helps us avoid the stress and anxiety that comes with trying to maintain a façade or concealing the truth.

Being honest with ourselves can help us identify our values and determine what matters most to us, which in turn enables us to live more fulfilling lives.

Another often-overlooked message is the idea that "it is the journey, not the destination, that matters."

This sentiment is often dismissed because we are often focused on achieving specific goals and striving for success.

But, if we become too consumed with reaching our end goal, we might miss out on the experiences and learning opportunities that come from following a unique journey.

By taking the time to appreciate the small moments and experiences that lead us to our goals, we can have a more balanced and fulfilled life.

What about the line "happiness is a state of mind"?

It may also seem cliche but it is rooted in the fact that our perceptions and attitudes shape our experiences and view of the world.

Regardless of our circumstance, our state of mind can either enhance or hinder our ability to feel happy.

Adopting a positive mindset can help us find joy in the little moments and keep us optimistic when facing new adversities.

We all know the phrase "actions speak louder than words".

So cliche, you say?

Perhaps, but it highlights the importance of backing up our words with thoughtful or impactful deeds.

It is easy to make promises and express good intentions, but it's the action itself that truly matters.

When we demonstrate consistency between our words and our deeds, we build credibility and earn the trust of others.

While all of these phrases might have become cliches, they are still relevant because they are rooted in facts and truths.

When we push back on these ideas as merely simple statements, we risk missing out on the valuable insights and learnings they offer.

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