Conversations Are A Two-Way Street

We recount our experiences; good, bad, terrific and terrifying, to help us project a version of ourselves that we want others to see.

June 26, 2023   •   1 min read  

Our life stories are often used as a way to shape how we present ourselves to the world.

But, the stories we tell others about our life rarely have utility and mostly serve as a way to course correct how we are being perceived.

Instead of one-way narration, we should focus on engaging in a two-way conversation.

This means being present and actively listening to others, rather than just waiting for a chance to chirp.

Asking open-ended questions encourages others to share their own stories and shows them that you're curious.

We should reduce the narcissistic storytelling and only share our own experiences in a way that invites others to connect with us, rather than just trying to impress them.

If we're a hero in the stories we tell others, we better be the hero in our self-talk.

If you want to build deeper connections try these tips:

  • Trade narration for conversation.
  • Listen actively and ask questions that you genuinely want answers to.
  • Don't overshare or embellish more than necessary.

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