Control The Controllable

Separate and act only on your own set of tasks and responsibilities.

June 12, 2023   •   2 min read  

Perspectives shape how we view the world and everything in it.

We link every experience and action to a perspective unique to us.

Existing perspectives: are beliefs and views we already live with, shaped by our past experiences.

New perspectives: are beliefs we seek to create, or old ones we actively wish to challenge.

What if we used 'new perspectives' as our default mode?

What if we made it the primary lens through which we view the world?

Because all things considered, we are pretty damn limited in how much we can affect the events around us.

The weather, the traffic, or other people's actions are all out of our control, but our perspectives and how we react to them are.

We can only control things like:

  • the way we perceive
  • the expectations we create
  • the words we speak
  • the muscles we use.

It is a short list for good reason.

Alfred Adler's idea of 'separation of tasks' speaks to this idea of understanding what we control.

In short, we should only be concerned with our own responsibilities and actions (our tasks).

This requires us to also build trust in others so that they too will solely focus on their tasks.

Meaning each of us should only control what is controllable for us.

Incorporating the idea of 'separation of tasks' requires us to create new perspectives.

Many of us are not naturally inclined to operate with this way of thinking.

Spending needless time worrying or managing things outside of our jurisdiction.

By approaching each new experience from the perspective of separating our tasks (i.e. I focus on I, you focus on you), a far more balanced relationship with ourselves and others can evolve.

Reduce the judgement, opinions and preconceived notions.

Start embracing ownership, trust and responsibility.

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