Chase Your Truth By Straying From The Pack

Embracing your truth may lead to being abandoned by those not ready to accept your new path.

July 19, 2023   •   1 min read  

The groups and communities we are all part of share some common goal, agenda or objective.

Naturally, over time we can begin to stray a little off course and start wandering down a new path that aligns more with our evolving values.

When the original group has been left behind in search of a new objective - possibly one that the group has yet to embrace or accept - they will be inclined to abandon or cast you out.

This means they are not ready to consider a new direction, regardless of how fruitful you believe it to be.

To abandon someone because they wish to follow their truth stems from a deep sense of fear, resentment or competitiveness.

If you find yourself in this boat don't let your new position as an outcast, or the negativity associated with it, affect how you treat those who have chosen to abandon you.

They are simply not ready to accept or appreciate how you view the world.

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