10 Ways To Use Text Replacements When Selling Clothes On eBay

10 shortcuts for commonly used clothing terms to add to your eBay listing titles and item specifics.

July 11, 2023   •   1 min read  

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Each Tuesday I share a list of 10 somethings.

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Inspired by James Altucher in "Skip The Line", The Tuesday Ten has one simple goal - to build my 'idea muscle'.

If you write 3,650 ideas a year, maybe a hundred are useful in some way. Maybe a few are good enough to make money. Maybe one is great.‌‌   - James Altucher

1. sss = Short Sleeve

  • Short sleeve shirts are a favourite to sell, I use a triple s for a shortcut to replace with 'Short Sleeve'.

2. lss = Long Sleeve

  • Same as above but for long sleeve shirts.

3. prl = Polo Ralph Lauren

  • A very common brand that I sell a lot of, so the time saved to type out the complete words adds up over time.        ‌

4. tmh = Tommy Hilfiger

  • Same as above but for Tommy Hilfiger products.‌      

5. pb = Polyester Blend

  • For the women's items I sell it always helps to include the material mentioned on the inner tag.

6. cb = Cotton Blend

  • Same as above but for items made up partially of cotton.‌

7. mlc = Multicoloured

  • Use when the primary colour is not apparent.

8. sv = Sleeveless

  • Obviously for items without sleeves.

9. buu = Button Up Shirt

  • For shirts with buttons lining the front.

10. atv = Activewear

  • For sports brands that are designed for use when working out.‌

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