10 Ways To Find New Inspiration For YouTube Videos

Create something truly unique on your YouTube channel using these 10 uncommon methods.

June 06, 2023   •   2 min read  

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Each Tuesday I share a list of 10 somethings.

Ideas. Improvements. People. Problems. Objects. Observations.

Inspired by James Altucher in "Skip The Line", The Tuesday Ten has one simple goal - to build my 'idea muscle'.

If you write 3,650 ideas a year, maybe a hundred are useful in some way. Maybe a few are good enough to make money. Maybe one is great.
  - James Altucher

Look for interesting video concepts and thumbnails outside of your Home and Subscription tabs.

2. Explore your Avatar's QOOD

  • Questions - common queries asked
  • Obstacles - challenges they regularly face
  • Objections - concerns holding them back
  • Doubts - uncertainties they have

3. Consider other people's random thoughts

4. Pick an object and build a story

5. Spend a day with only a notebook

Put all your devices into silent mode, and consume no audio or video content for 24 hours. Capture thoughts and ideas as they arise.

6. Engage with an internet-free family member

Find inspiration from someone that has no concept of what is on YouTube.

7. Set an alarm for 2:14 am and interrupt a dream

Pull completely ludicrous and imaginative ideas from your subconscious.

8. Pick an emotion and explain what sparks it

What fills you with joy, makes you sad, infuriates you, gets you excited or creates confusion?

9. Use song lyrics to jumpstart your creativity

What words are in people's minds and hearts right now? Sift through lyrics from this week's most popular songs.

10. Search for common phrases in Google News

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