10 Ways To Downsize And Get Your Life Back

It's time to reign in some of the activities we over-indulgence in.

June 13, 2023   •   2 min read  

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Each Tuesday I share a list of 10 somethings.

Ideas. Improvements. People. Problems. Objects. Observations.

Inspired by James Altucher in "Skip The Line", The Tuesday Ten has one simple goal - to build my 'idea muscle'.

If you write 3,650 ideas a year, maybe a hundred are useful in some way. Maybe a few are good enough to make money. Maybe one is great.
  - James Altucher

1. Eat 10% less calories

  • Challenge yourself to have lower serving sizes and more nutrient-dense foods.
  • Savour each bite and think of food as healthcare.

2. Make your showers 10% shorter

  • Conserve water and minimise your impact.
  • Allocate extra minutes saved to your self-care routine.

3. Touch base with 10% fewer friends

  • Spend less time with downers and doubters, to make deeper connections with your closest friends.

4. Reduce your screen time by 10%

  • Spend time away from pixels being more present in relationships.
  • Give your hobbies the attention they deserve.

5. Spend 10% less time at work

  • Start late, sign out early, and extend your lunch break - every minute adds up. You'll get hours of your life back every year doing this.

6. Sleep 10% less

  • Get up that 30-60 minutes early and spend time with yourself before the obligations kick the door in.

7. Reduce your wardrobe by 10%

  • Reduce the visual and mental clutter
  • Cut down on daily decision-making.

8. Have 10% less structure in your week

  • Embrace more spontaneity to let your life story unfold.
  • Add an entire day of sabbatical rest, fun and discovery every week or 2.

9. Spend 10% less each week

  • Trim the expenses and fatten the wallet
  • Skip the quick splurge and save for experiences or investments that live beyond 5 minutes of pleasure.

10. Reduce the enabling mindset by 10%

  • Become more independent - take control and accountability of the previous 9 suggestions.
  • Implement some or all of these small actions and start to empower yourself.

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