10 Things I’ve Learnt After Blogging For 66 Days In A Row

Find out how my philosophy towards blogging has changed after writing every day for 2 months.

August 01, 2023   •   1 min read  

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Each Tuesday I share a list of 10 somethings.

Ideas. Improvements. People. Problems. Objects. Observations.

Inspired by James Altucher in "Skip The Line", The Tuesday Ten has one simple goal - to build my 'idea muscle'.

If you write 3,650 ideas a year, maybe a hundred are useful in some way. Maybe a few are good enough to make money. Maybe one is great.
- James Altucher

1. Unique ideas are incredibly rare

  • A great topic that hasn't been written about already will rarely ever happen.

2. Give drafts room to breathe

  • Leave enough time to revisit and enhance drafts or edits

3. Consistency doesn’t mean more effort

  • A few high-quality pieces have a greater impact than a consistent frequency of below-average posts.

4. Inspiration comes in waves

  • Great ideas will come all at once, followed by days of nothing. Capitalise on the inspiration when it strikes.

5. Read more to write better

  • Since blogging, I haven't read much at all, which has slowed down my idea generation and enthusiasm for the written word.

6. Where you write matters

  • Having a dedicated place for your blog is fantastic, but microblogging social media platforms may be a better place to publish certain things.

7. Experience, expertise and observations make for the most authentic posts

  • Write from a place of interest, curiosity and passion.

8. To be successful requires more than just the act of writing

  • Writing is just half of the equation - finding inspiration and marketing your work also needs to be considered.

9. Use imagery and graphic to bolster points

  • Make topics or ideas more potent and pair them with visuals.

10. Anyone can write at least 300 words per day

  • I think this is a basic target anyone can do if they want to start writing.

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