10 Things I Want To Learn About Over The Next Year

A list of things I'm curious about learning and improving during the next 12 months.

July 18, 2023   •   2 min read  

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Each Tuesday I share a list of 10 somethings.

Ideas. Improvements. People. Problems. Objects. Observations.

Inspired by James Altucher in "Skip The Line", The Tuesday Ten has one simple goal - to build my 'idea muscle'.

If you write 3,650 ideas a year, maybe a hundred are useful in some way. Maybe a few are good enough to make money. Maybe one is great.
  - James Altucher

1. Storytelling

  • Whether to improve my videos, blogs or conversations, I want to spend time learning more about how to tell better and more interesting stories.

2. Photography

  • I have had a few bouts of inspiration to learn photography and my cameras are plenty good enough to capture some shots but I would like to invest some time into learning and practising to become a better photographer

3. Editing

  • It wouldn't hurt to learn about how to edit photos and videos better than I currently able to.

4. Marketing

  • The main part of my current business is based mostly in sales, inventory and the supply/demand of the market, but there is little room to learn and grow as a marketer so I want to spend time learning about marketing fundamentals.

5. Language

  • I want to start learning a new language, plain and simple.

6. Self Publishing

  • I would love to spend some time learning about the world of self-publishing, or publishing in general, to understand the economics and requirements to become a successful author.

7. AI products

  • I want to learn more about how AI software works on a deeper level than simply delivering prompts.

8. Finance/Investments

  • With my business growing stronger each month, the need for ongoing research and time spent learning about investments and business is obvious.

9. Recipes

  • I live off a simple meal plan 6 days a week, with 1 day of unplanned meals. This is my weekly opportunity to learn and try new recipes and techniques.

10. Brand branding

  • This is something I have been passionate about for a number of years but have never been fully committed to.
  • I am constantly encouraged and inspired to create content and build a personal brand but for the past 24 months the reselling business has been my priority, so spending more time learning about brand building is something I'm looking forward to.

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